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Signs & Wonders is a children community

We are thrilled to welcome you and your children to our vibrant Signs & Wonders Ministry!

Our church is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn about God's love and grow in their faith. From engaging Bible lessons to exciting activities, we have designed our Kids Ministry to be both educational and fun for children of all ages. We believe that every child is a valuable part of God's family, and we are dedicated to helping them discover their unique gifts and purpose in Him.


8:30 AM

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a foundation of faith in children's lives that will last a lifetime. We strive to cultivate an atmosphere where children feel loved, accepted, and encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through age-appropriate teachings, interactive worship, and meaningful friendships, we aim to equip children with biblical knowledge and values that they can apply in their daily lives. We believe that investing in children's spiritual growth is an essential part of building a strong and thriving church community.

Engaging Programs and Activities

The Ministry offers a range of engaging programs and activities that cater to children's diverse interests and learning styles. Each week, children gather for dynamic Sunday School classes where they explore the Bible through creative storytelling, interactive lessons, and hands-on crafts. Additiity oiThedrdeties not only allow children to have a blast but also deepen their understanding of God's Word and foster lasting friendships with other children in our church family.

Dedicated and Caring Team

The Ministry is led by a dedicated team of passionate volunteers who are committed to the spiritual growth and well-being of every child. Each team member has undergone thorough background checks and training to ensure the safety and security of your children. We believe in the power of positive role models and strive to create a nurturing environment where children feel valued and supported. Our team is here to walk alongside your child, providing guidance, encouragement, and prayer as they navigate their faith journey. We invite you to join us and experience the love and joy that our Kids Ministry has to offer!

Cecilia Adediran MIV Word House
Cecilia Adediran

WORD HOUSE is a Young People's Church of The Men of Issachar Vision Inc.