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Welcome to Expression Radio, the vibrant online station owned by Word House, a dynamic ministry fostering the Men of Issachar Vision. Beyond being a radio station, we're the resonating heartbeat of Word House, a Young People's Church committed to uplifting souls through the power of expression. Our mission at Expression Radio is to inspire, empower, and connect with a diverse audience, utilizing thought-provoking podcasts, live church programs, engaging talk shows, curated music playlists, and enlightening sermons to create a holistic experience.

Expression Radio invites you to join our community, where your voice matters, your spirit is lifted, and your expression is celebrated. As you tune in, connect, and become part of this radio experience, you'll discover a space that transcends traditional broadcasting, a unique journey that embraces the beauty of expression and the transformative power of faith. Thank you for choosing Expression Radio, where every moment is an opportunity to engage with the profound and uplifting aspects of life.

Live Program Schedule

Sunday Live Service

Every Sunday

08: 30 (WAT)

Mid-Week Live Service

Every Wednesday

18:00 (WAT)

Talk Show Host

MIV Word House Okenna Confidence

Okenna Confidence

MIV Word House Tolu


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WORD HOUSE is a Young People's Church of The Men of Issachar Vision Inc.